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Be Nice To Me. September 19, 2008

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I gave blood today.  I surprised even myself when I decided that being squeamish was no excuse not to.  My last blood donating experience was my senior year of high school when – due to a bulky jean, turtleneck, sweater combo – I just barely met the weight minimum.  I remember being helped up off the gym floor after passing out ………..and eating MANY Lorna Doone shortbread cookies.  Well I would say today was much more successful as the weight minimum is no longer an issue and I remained conscious the entire time.  There were no shortbread cookies but Nutter Butters suit me just fine.  And it feels good to know that I will have helped someone, somewhere, someday.


Parker Smith Photography September 3, 2008

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Back in April, we had some portraits of Nate taken by Parker Smith.  He got some wonderful shots and selected one of Nate for the Sprout Club Gallery on his recently updated website…….check him out.  12 pictures in, holding Randy’s hand.  He was in Little Old Man Mode back then – so little hair!

Update: I just talked to Parker……..set up a time to see the next batch of portraits he took last month.  I knew about the April picture on the website but he told me he posted a couple of new ones of Nate on his blog last week.  Hooray – we get a sneak peak!  (Thank you for the overalls YaYa!)

Parker will soon be heading across the pond with his family to teach a photography class in Greece.  He plans to do a little travel blogging.  I will be anxiously awaiting his posts as this will be the closest I get to Mediterranean travel for some time!  And, actually, that is okay with me.


I am in good company.

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Apparently there a lot of people not digging the YDFM lately.  What’s with the funk?  And yes, if you read that far, that is yours truly commenting about the smell permeating the cheese and baked goods.  Gnarsty!  I too had a quick trip turned into an ordeal when I was admonished for making it past the security counter with my reusable bags.


Love Stamps July 17, 2008

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Stopped by the USPS today to mail a few packages and saw these stamps.  Not sure how new they are but they were new to me.  I bought a sheet even though I still have a handful of the comparatively boring Forever stamps.  These make me want to write a letter.  However, “want to” does not necessarily equal “will do.”


APWBWGTTD June 12, 2008

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Tonight was the monthly meeting of APWBWGTTD.  I had stopped by once before when the meeting was at Fox Bros.  They were out of Mac&Cheese and I vaguely remember a mini-hissy pitched by yours truly.  I’m pretty sure Dave thought I was a nightmare but – hey – I was pregnant and hormonal.  

Tonight’s meet-up was literally around the corner from our house at the Ujoint.  I RSVP’d that I would attend, having the best of intentions to actually post a couple of times between then and now to validate my appearance at said event.  Well – I think I managed one post.  I showed my face anyway thinking that if I didn’t go when it was in my ‘hood I would never make it there.   Everyone was very welcoming and I came away giddy.  Giddy that they didn’t care that I have been a slacker in the blog department.  Giddy that I could carry on a conversation that didn’t revolve around diapers or day care arrangements.  Giddy that I was able to have a beer, meet up with good people, and be back home in less than two minutes because I live that close to a fun little bar.  (Gainesville, VA – I’m not missing you one bit!)  I came in the door glowing with giddiness.  Kristen and Randy were having a hard time believing that I had only one beer.  I was that excited.  So thank you – APWBWGTTD – for being such a welcoming group.  I look forward to next month.  BTW – they got a shout out in the AJC.

On a completely UNrelated note – I made up a new word tonight.  I took Gnarsty (a word I learned from Kristen) one step further.  To describe the extreme gnarly nastiness that was the kitty fountain prior to today’s cleaning, I created the word Fugnarsty.  Trust me.  It was more than appropriate.  Poor kitties.



Sunday Night Stream of Consciousness June 1, 2008

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I can see by my blog stats that there are some faithful folks out there who continue to check back despite the record stream of inactivity.  And for that I say, “Wow, you must be really bored.”  No, seriously, thank you for checking back.  And my apologies for my blogging slackerness.  So – we have had a few glasses of wine on our newly furnished back patio………..and here is a mini update.

We FINALLY bit the bullet and upgraded the back patio furniture several steps above the plastic green chairs that Randy has toted along with us since his townhouse on Glebe Road in Arlington…….pictures will be posted soon.

Randy spotted a rat investigating our garbage.  How lovely.

Kristen (Randy’s sister) has been staying with us since mid-may when she graduated from Clemson.  Today she officially moved into her new apartment in Smyrna/Vinings and we already miss her terribly.  There are few people that could crash at our small house for multiple weeks and not drive us insane………she is one of those rare birds.

Nate is growing like a weed.  He is rolling over in both directions, eating cereal, loving Fatsby, laughing, and greeting us every morning with a huge smile.  We continue to be amazed that the two of us produced such an easy going baby and are grateful for every day.  He truly is a Joy.

Randy’s Mom gave him a webcam for his birthday.  We somehow managed to get it up and running and have had three successful video chats with her.  So if any of you out there have a skype account and want to give us a ring………feel free!

We have lost all control over Chops.  He INSISTS on sleeping on the kitchen island and I am tired of shoving him off of it.  The other day he jumped up 4 times in the same minute after being pushed off / scolded each time.  He is one persistent cat and can usually be found sleeping on the island or in Nate’s high chair.  We give up.

If you haven’t already checked out the Robert Plant / Allison Krauss CD – give it a listen.  Four thumbs up from this household. 


Week of Firsts April 15, 2008

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Saturday morning Nate rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time.  He had come close so many times before but just couldn’t get past that arm.  He did it while Steph and Sara were here so I think he was inspired to show off.

Usually Nate wakes up in the middle of the night after having been asleep for 4-5 hours.  We feed him and he goes back to sleep until about 7am.  He must have been plum tuckered out from his adventures at the World of Coca Cola because on Sunday night he slept MUCH longer than usual.

It had been Randy’s turn to take the middle of the night shift.  I woke up at 5:03am.  Not recalling him getting out of bed at any point, I asked him if he had gotten up with Nate yet.  He said No.  HOLY SHIT!  The Boy slept for 9 HOURS!  We both scooted out of bed and into his room where we found him sound asleep.  Most parents would be overjoyed at such a long slumber but we were scared that he had gone too long without food.  Before you think us paranoid parents…………

When Nate was one week old, we got an unexpected call from the Emory Genetics institute.  As part of the newborn metabolic screening tests mandated by the state of GA, Nate tested positive for a Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder (FAOD), specifically Very Long Chain Acyl-CoA Dyhydrogenase Deficiency or VLCAD.  What does THAT mean?  Basically, he is unable to break down fatty acids to produce energy during periods of fasting.  This is treated with diets low in certain fats and frequent meals but can have serious consequences if not properly managed.  So by sleeping 9 hours he had nearly doubled the longest he had gone previously without eating.  We tested his blood sugar and were elated when it read 103 as a good fasting blood sugar level is between 80 and 110.   At this point we do not plan to make a habit of letting him go that long but it is comforting to know that he can.  With VLCAD, however, that may not always be the case.

On a more entertaining note, this morning I experienced Nate’s first unmitigated blowout on the changing table.  I will leave the rest to your imagination.  But suffice to say that this is not what one hopes for at 3:15am.